The residential building Z40 is located on 40 Zlatovrah str, Sofia, giving its name. The plot is deep, with a narrow side facing the street, with a complex urban planning scheme. We faced the challenge to design a building for which the urban design masterplan was already enacted. Furthermore, there was not a clue for a future design of the building, which complicated and framed our work and to a great extent defined the spatial-volumetric organization of the edifice as well as the functional scheme.
The program of the investor included the creation of a contemporary residential building with a distinctive shape and image, maximal utilization of the permissible built area with dwellings which offer all of the amenities for the modern urban housing.
The structure of the building is a composition consisting of two strongly prolonged octagonal prisms with different dimensions, laid on top of a parallelepiped. The volumes, cantilevered in front of the base, insinuates a building with a lesser height.
The main façade material is the fibre cement Equitone panels in white with a distinctive vertical striping. The windows are framed with a passepartout from graphite aluminum on the outside and wooden-decorated HPL on the inside. The graphite creates a graphic contrast with the light façade, while wood implies comfort.
Client: Private
Program: Residential building
Location: Sofia, Bulgaria
Build up area: 3365 sq.m
Design year: 2019