The BOOK - a single element, which holds the timeless sense of learning and knowledge.
The concept of the building starts from this very idea - to show the simple beauty of the book itself. We have designed a vertical BOOK SCREEN in the atrium of the library, which becomes the heart of the building. The pattern of the book piled in a huge vertical wall welcomes the visitors and gives a unique feeling to the space.
We have created an open, modern and exciting building, situated in an environment of solid concrete surroundings. Designed in this particular way the building itself is an emphasis of harmony and lightness in the area. The glazed transparent facade aims to remove the boundaries between the building and the people.
As a natural finishing touch of the façade composition we have placed the signature of the poet Pencho Slaveykov.

Client: Varna Municipality
Program: Library
Location: Varna, Bulgaria
Built-up Area: 28 858 sq.m
Design year: 2015