Varna City Park South - VCP SOUTH is a natural continuation of the successfully completed in 2015-2016 project Varna City Park. The idea is to develop a modern and carefully designed closed type residential complex with maximum distance between the buildings (approx.70 m.). Water in combination with rich green park areas is at the center of the concept of the project.
The ellipse shaped form of the park and the buildings around it create a comfortable soft nest like space. The buildings forming “the Nest” are designed with soft organic forms as everything in nature, thus adding to the feeling of harmony of the space. The white horizontal lines are allusion of the tree branches of the nest changing in every building and delicately merging into one another. The use of white visible concrete in combination with the façade wood like cladding and the glass railings make the connection between the park and the building even more natural.
On a 26 000 sq.m plot situated in Varna, Vladislav Varnenchik blvd, we plan to develop a residential complex consisting of four twelve-story buildings each of them with two separate entrances and four elevators. A one-story underground parking covering an area of 20 000 sq.m. provides all the necessary parking lots for the whole complex, thus leaving the entire ground space for green park area creating maximum comfort for all kinds of leisure activities and socialization of the residents. When designing the floor plans of the apartments all of the recommendations of the Varna City Park customers have been taken into consideration so that the new residential complex should ensure maximum living comfort and security.
The floor plans of the buildings are designed to be flexible due to the use of no beam structure method of the construction. Unique engineering well installation drilled in 1700 m depth will deliver chemical free and clean drinkable water. The cooling/heating system of the buildings will also be water based and every apartment will have modern and economical and individually calculated water and electricity.

Client: Varna City Park Ltd.
Program: Residential complex
Location: Varna, Bulgaria
Plot area: 25 919 sq.m
Built-up Area: 69 529 sq.m
Design Year: 2016