Varna City Park South brings life to a territory of the city of Varna, the so-called Sea Capital of Bulgaria, that hasn’t been used for decades. The industrial landscape of the context is combined with the wide and beautiful view towards Varna Lake which is connected to the Black Sea. Inheriting the industrial aspect of the lot, the residential complex is not a simple housing, but technological and sustainable complex of buildings. In the same way which manufacturing buildings are using local waters for cooling, VCPS is using the natural resources of the city of hot groundwater springs for geothermal energy. Water supply installation provides the apartments with pure chlorine and hydrogen sulfide free water through a drill of around 2 kilometers depth. The inhabitants of the complex have access to healthier water comparing to the rest of the city thanks to the ecological solution of the ozonated water. Heating and cooling are achieved with geothermal heat pumps which brings additional value to the energy efficiency of the project.

The design concept of the project follows mainly the inhabitants needs and comfort of living. The four individual buildings have total of 456 apartments having optimal areas. They form a nest-like space between them that creates an atmosphere of coziness where nature and water meet. The vast park has a playground zone and outdoor pool that has hot mineral water all year long. The soft organic shapes of the buildings bring additional comfort and harmony in the area. The contrast between the horizontal white stripes and the dark elements in the back are recalling the illusion of levitation. There is delicate change between the dimensions of the white stripes which brings smooth movement between forms.

The location next to one of the main boulevards of the city, the optimal transport connection, buildings’ geographical orientation, the view towards Varna gulf and the innovative architectural design and engineering technologies makes Varna City Park South one of the significant housing project built in the city in last few years.

Client: Isu Invest EAD
Program: Residential complex
Location: Varna, Bulgaria
Plot area: 25 919 sq.m
Built-up Area: 67 173 sq.m
Design Year: 2016
Competition year: 2019
Photography: Dian Stanchev

Building of the year 2019 | Winner | Residential complex category
Building of the year 2019 | Building Innovation Award

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