Umani Hotel is located in close proximity to Golden Sands Nature Park near Varna and looks over directly towards the Black Sea. The plot of land is significantly sloped from west to east, surrounded by a pristine landscape with valuable tree species and natural rock formations. The concept of the project is to create a contextual building that fits easily into the natural environment, that looks light, airy and unobtrusive. This is a building that works well together with all elements of the surroundings and landscape, while enhancing its beauty without being dominant.
The initial program of the investor is for apartment building. However, after presenting the concept of the project on the international architectural scene, and the recognition it received, he reconsidered his program and decided to create a hotel that he would personally manage.
The simplistic design is entirely subordinated to the natural features of the property - a strictly orthogonal rectangular prism that fits between the tall trees and the massive rocks, and lands in between without disturbing the densely landscaped screen. In order to achieve a greater mimicry, the design of the facades is entirely completed in vertical Finnish Тhermоwood battens, that encircle the entire structure. Dynamic is introduced by taking away from the volume in several places where loggias are formed, while they are emphasized by the clean line of the glass.
The clear floor plans and maximally large windows of the hotel rooms allow them to change their view in height - from the richness of the vegetation to the endless expanse of the sea horizon, which gradually appears. Umani Hotel has a humane way of influence - both because of its delicate intervention and because of the peaceful experience it brings.
The biggest challenge of the project is preserving all trees and rocks that cover the slope of the property. Good organization and enthusiasm between all participants in the process is the cornerstone of the project and its successful implementation – as investment, architecture and execution.

Client: Private
Program: Hotel
Location: Varna, Bulgaria
Build up area: 3 600 sq.m
Design Year: 2016
Completion Year: 2022
Photography: Dian Stanchev

2024 Archinova | Winner | Realizations | Hotels
2024 Archinova | Winner | Outstanding Architecture Award
2024 Créateurs Design Awards | Créateurs Select | Best Hospitality Project
2024 Idea-Tops Award | Winner | Green Architecture Design Category
2023 Archello Awards | Public Vote Winner | Hotel Building of the Year
2023 LOOP Design Awards | Category Winner | Architecture - Hospitality & Hotels
2023 LOOP Design Awards | Winner | Hotel of the Year 2023
2023 International Architecture Award | Winner | Hotels
2023 Architizer A+Awards | Popular Choice Winner | Architecture +Environment
2023 ArchDaily Building of the year | Nomination | Realization
2022 Architecture MasterPrize | Best of Best | Hospitality Architecture | Realization

2022 Architecture & Design Collection Awards | Gold Winner | Hospitality Architecture Built | Realization

2022 Arch Design Award | Gold Winner | Architectural Design Category | Realization

2022 Architecture MasterPrize | Winner | Green Architecture | Realization

2022 IDA Design Awards | Silver Winner | Architecture Categories - Hotels & Resorts | Realization

2022 Building of the year | Winner | Hospitality Architecture & Spa | Realization

2022 Design Studio Mag | Top 5 | Architecture | Realization
2017 Architizer A+Award | Special Mention Prize | Project
2017 Architecture MasterPrize | Winner | Green Architecture | Project
2016 Archinova | Winner | Project

2016 A_DA | Awards | Project
2015 Interarch - XIV World Triennial of Architecture | Silver Medal | Project

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