The Frame is a residential building situated in the Chaika quarter of the city of Varna in close proximity to two other implemented buildings by STARH. Positioned on the first line before the Sea Garden and the sea, it integrates delicately into the already developed fabric of the neighborhood.

The building consists of a ten-story volume, representing an orthogonal prism. The project's concept is focused on seeking functionality and simplicity in creating the spaces, architectural volume, and its stylistics. A system of frames with thin contours enriches the simple volume in the foreground and creates a sense of overall geometric patchwork. Different layers of materials on the facade bring depth and dynamism to the volume.

High-tech and natural materials have been used – ventilated facade in two colors, glass, and aluminum. The adjacent public area around the building, treated as a small square, is enhanced with low tree species and shrubs that complement the architectural appearance of The Frame.

Client: Solei Build Ltd.
Program: Residential building
Location: Varna, Bulgaria
Build up area: 6,053 sqm
Design Year: 2023