Chaika district is one of the favorable living areas in the city of Varna, Bulgaria. It was built as a closed type residential district in the 70s and 80s of the XX century and most of it remains preserved until nowadays.
The plot is located in that neighborhood, facing Knyaz Boris Blvd. and the Sea Garden. Four 15-storey-blocks dominate the surrounding area, facing Black Sea with their narrower facades. During the years, couple of new buildings have emerged, in the East direction after the four blocks, interrupting the initial order. Thus, the studio has planned a structure consisting of three different in height volumes with orthogonal forms, which would comply with the existing development, as well as finish as the 5th element in the urban planning composition.
The result is emerging orthogonal prism covered with white vertical stripes that brings dynamism and excitement. Playing with vertical elements – gray and white fiber cement panels and aluminum louvers with different modules – is what gives The 5th Element identity. The program of the building is mainly residential. Thanks to the richly green neighborhood and the park just across the boulevard, all the apartments can benefit of the beautiful views around, as well as towards the sea.
Just on the other side of the plot is EOS, a smaller residential building of the studio. Both together they shape the changing contemporary silhouette of the neighborhood.

Client: MS BildInvest LTtd.
Program: Mixed-Use Building
Location: Varna, Bulgaria
Build up area: 14 885 sq.m
Design Year: 2019
Completion Year: 2023
Photography: Dian Stanchev