Chaika district is one of the favorable living areas in Varna. It was built as a closed type complex in the 70s and 80s of the XX century and most of it remains preserved until nowadays. The masterplan of the city intends the urbanization of a couple of private plots, one of which is for the new project. The plot has rectangular shape and is located on the first line, facing Knyaz Boris blvd. Four 15-storey-blocks dominate the surrounding area, facing Black Sea with their narrower facades. During the years, two buildings have emerged, in the East direction after the 4 blocks, interrupting the initially designed order. Thus, we planned a structure consisting of three different in height volumes with orthogonal forms, which will comply with the existing development, as well as finish as the 5th element in the urban planning composition.
The 5th Element is a building with a formal and elegant façade, corresponding to its scale. The emphasized verticality of the building gives it its own individuality. The white elements of the ventilated façade bring motion and dynamics. The program of the building is mainly residential. All of the apartments are designed and planned to take full advantage of the beautiful sea views. The building consists of 15 aboveground and 2 underground levels. The parking places are distributed across the underground levels and are with 30% more than legally required, thus allowing the planning of a richly green park on the ground level. The first floors are designed for shops, gym, offices and ateliers. The last, 15th floor consist of only two big apartments with two-level-high living rooms. The latest and most up-to-date materials will be used for the construction of the building, shipped from the market leaders. This will ensure the quality of the living with minimal exploitation and maintenance costs.

Client: MS Buildinvest Ltd.
Program: Mixed use
Location: Chaika district, Varna
Gross Area: 14 987 sqm.
Design year: 2019