The main concept of the project is to examine the specific characteristics of the site on which Sunny Day Resort is situated. As a result it displays a great potential to become a modern residential complex with human scale and respect to nature.
The developed architectural concept is based on a few major points - removing /demolishing/ all of the existing buildings except of one - hotel Palace, maintaining and renovating the infrastructure of the site and keeping intact, as much as possible, the unique landscape of the seaside. On the 120 daa territory we plan to develop an innovative residential complex with elegant contemporary architecture and function which provides high level living standard.
Regarding the surrounding nature and the distance to the sea we developed the territory into three separate zones each of them giving a different feel and level of luxury and lifestyle.
In the first zone, situated closest to the sea shore, we designed two story single family Sea Villas. Their build up area varies between 400-500 sq. m. On the first floor is the living zone with all the necessary functions. On the second floor there are three bedrooms each of them with walk in closet and a bathroom. In this first zone, besides the 14 high luxury sea villas, we also placed a seashore restaurant.
In the second zone there are situated 12 two story multifamily residential buildings with sea apartments. The building design is one-sectioned with three apartments on each floor. In this zone we also plan recreational spaces, children playgrounds and a public building with a small supermarket, pharmacy, dry cleaning, bank office and all the additional functions to answer all the needs of a residential complex of this type.
In the third zone, situated in a beautiful forest environment, we designed 9 multifamily residential buildings with park apartments. The buildings are designed as two-sectioned on five levels. Each section has 6 apartment on each floor. This zone plays an important part in the project, not only because of the large number of apartments that it creates, but also because of the rich forest environment which gives an additional uniqueness to the Sunny Day Residential Complex. In this zone are also planned sport facility with tennis courts, fitness area and a children playground.
All of the apartments in Sunny Day have a favorable geographic position and a beautiful sea panorama. Due to the location of the buildings all of the apartments in the complex, even those on the first floor have a great open view to the sea. The proposed design of the complex doesn’t create three separate levels of luxury, it create three separate lifestyles. From the more dynamic and exciting life in the first zone closest to the sea to the calm and quiet life in the natural forest environment.

Client: Sunny Day Co.
Program: Residential complex
Location: Sunny Day resort, Bulgaria
Site area:118 657 sq.m
Built-up Area: 56 250 sq.m
Design year: 2015