The residential building is situated on Panayot Volov Street in the city of Varna. The area in which the property is located is built up of mostly physically obsolete residential buildings. Stellar gives a new modern character to the territory, together with PK26 which is another project of the studio, located just nearby and realized recently.
The specifics of the property and the working development plan add complexity to the project. Therefore, the leading architectural concept is to soothe the formation through a facade design that is soft and delicate and that uses sophisticated architectural language through subtle nuances and textures. The strict orthogonal grid of solid and void gives a restrained character while being emphasized by the use of ribbed graphite fiber cement, precious metal tone and maximum glazing for access to natural light.

Client: Stellar Invest Ltd.
Program: Residential building
Location: Panayot Volov Str., Varna
Built-up area: 5 358 sqm
Design Year: 2021