Slivnitsa 50 is a mixed-use building located on a corner property in the central part of the city of Varna, Bulgaria. Just nearby is the Archaeological Museum, to which a vast space opens from where the building can be observed in its full scale.
The concept of the project is based on two aspects - the plasticity of the facade, dictated by the complex urban planning parameters and the integration of biophilic design as a necessity. As a result of the working layout plan, the volume is divided by horizontal white prisms – balconies. In some places they are interrupted by cubic planters with trees along the entire height of the facades, similar to Morse code. Thus, the complexity is mastered in a harmonious order.
Due to the impossibility of greening the plot terrain, the placement of trees along the facade becomes part of the building design, as well as a contribution to the well-being of the residents. They can enjoy the direct contact with nature even on higher floors. The evergreen trees are Prunus Iaurocerasus species, suitable for year-round cultivation and adapted to the Black Sea climate. Slivnitsa Blvd. façade is the most tectonic and landscaped since is the main one. In the remaining facades along Ivan Drasov Street and the inner courtyard, the tectonics and vertical landscaping gradually decrease.
The choice of facade materials guarantees high quality and durability. The facades are fully ventilated, constructed of fiber cement ribbed panels in a sand tone that emphasize the overall orthogonal structure and contributes to the building’s design.

Client: „Edelvais Invest” Ltd
Program: Mixed use
Location: Center district, Varna
Gross Area: 7 335 sqm.
Design year: 2020