Signia Tower is located on Slivnitsa Boulevard – one of the major roads in the city of Varna – as well as next to two large shopping centers. The vast panorama of the whole city and Varna Bay is facing the main façade of the tower.
Reaching up to 109 meters, Signia Tower is designed to meet the commissioner’s demand for contemporary office high rise building that has a strong and striking presence. A classic skyscraper plan and structure scheme is used, where the columns are positioned along the building’s outline and the main vertical communications are inside the central structural core. The façade is composed as unitized façade system made of granite elements and glazing. The vertical façade elements form step-like and S-shape minimal line that go straight up after the 10th floor. After the 11th floor the volume around the corners is cut out in order to form larger window openings that increase even more the added asset for panoramic vista. Using the vertical elements in such a way, the design concept embeds the symbology of a vertical rising movement, as well as the stylized symbol of meander that corresponds with Labyrinth Residential Complex, located just near by and designed also by the studio.
Signia tower has 28 overground floors and 3 underground ones. The short volume is designed as continuance of the tower over the ground and the plot in order to boost the high-rise impression of the tower itself. The ground floor consists of a 10-meters high lobby, two reception desks and café-bar, where its entrance is marked with gallery-like columns. There is a conference block for various events on the next level. Inside the short volume are positioned shopping spaces, showrooms, restaurant, gym and yoga centers. Both volumes are connected indoors and their access is controlled.
The public space in front of the building is designed with water basins and art installations, while a greener landscape is integrated in the west part of the tower for relaxation of users and visitors of the building.

Client: Private company
Program: Office building
Location: Varna, Bulgaria
Built-up area: 48 291 sqm
Project year: 2018