The urban typology of Plovdiv is a unique collection of various natural assets and geographical location that is one of the main reasons for its millennial history. Maritsa River is simultaneously unifying and inserting dynamism in the urban texture. This symbiosis translates into the concept of Royal River where it is a main protagonist in the facade design, applied materials and the corporate identity of the project, which allows it to acquire its own identity on all levels.
RR’s concept is a play between urban and geographical context and design morphology concept, called moire effect. In order to achieve higher visual impact and height impression, the effect is used over the slab and handrail thicknesses thorough the whole height of the building.
The project stands out in the context as the second highest building in the city. Its location on the green axis connecting the Rowing Canal and Bunardzhika Hill of Plovdiv makes it a definite landmark in the surroundings. The approach for using minimal building footprint allows to create vast green park around it. A few social and recreational spots are created through the landscape design and introducing several hills achieved by ground shaping. They are allowing more privacy for the occupants from the busy boulevard creating a visual and noise barrier.
Royal River has several integrated technologies that makes it a contemporary residential building - sustainable HVAC system, waste collection system, high-speed elevators, maximized glazing for each apartment and tight structure core with compact emergency interlocking staircases in order to achieve maximum usage of floor area. Using freeform and soft corners as balconies is achieved through the usage of large scale aluminum honeycomb panels and bended glass. The glazing system and facade engineering details are uniquely designed for this project. Design-wise, Royal River uses high-class cladding and glazing systems that are ensuring longevity and low maintenance over time.

Client: Prime Development Ltd
Program: Residential Building
Location: Plovdiv, Bulgaria
Build up area: 25 345 sq.m
Design year: 2021

A' Design Award | Winner | Architecture, Building and Structure Design | Royal River

Best Design Bulgaria