Redwood is a luxury residential complex situated in Boiana -one of the most prestigious residential district in Sofia. The plot's size is 4 543sq.m with 8 meters denivelation, richly planted with splendid tree species. Our intention to retain existing redwoods and to achieve comfortable living environment, resulted in a decision to built the property with two buildings united by a common underground garage. By this separation they are seen as small boutique buildings situated in park environment and at the same time achieving acceptable construction parameters. Sequoia or the Redwood is the main backbone forming the idea of the complex. The reddish color of the tree bark transferred over the wooden cladding strengthen the contextual building design highlighting the importance of the landshaft. The building are orthogonal with minimalistic design. The horizontal line highlighted with strips of travertine, strengthens the human scale of the complex. Selected materials are natural and organic, providing modern look and longevity to the buildings. The building design in one-sectioned with luxurious lobby on the ground floor and optimal vertical communications. There are indoor pool, small gym and Spa center. Each of the building has 2 luxury apartments on each floor. The planning is smart and orthogonal, creating comfort living areas. The kitchens have storages, bedrooms are with walk- in closets. The master bedroom has its own bathroom and closet. The common parts of the building are 9.5%. There are service niches for air conditioners on each stairwell landing. All apartments have a favorable view. There are two parking spaces for each apartment, located in double garages.

Program: Residential complex
Location: Sofia
Site area: 4 543 sq.m
Built up area: 5 491 sq.m
Design year: 2014

Design studio STARH Stanislavov architects works with some of the best architects in Varna, created a number of quality architectural projects.