PK26 is a mixed-use building, situated in the central part of Varna, at Parizhka Komuna Street. The neighborhood, in which the plot is situated, is predominantly filled with morally and physically outdated single-housing units with no aesthetic or architectural value. In reality, this is the first new-built edifice foreseen by the adopted Urban Development Masterplan for the area which allows us to create a contemporary building with distinguishable minimalistic form.

The rich greenery in the neighboring plot and the local infrastructure additionally emphasize this line of work, as they visually work well together with the facades’ solids and voids pattern. The balance between budget, aesthetics and function is at the base of the investment program, in order to create one modern building. Its functional program is distributed throughout nine floors above ground and two underground parking levels. The first four floors are intended for public spaces, the next four - for residential units, while the last one is planned for a representative office space. Additionally, the upper floors reveal a panoramic view towards the city centre and the Black Sea.

The volumetric solution of the project follows the orthogonal geometric forms of the plan, while shifting the loggias and windows throughout the façade brings a certain dynamic.
The contemporary and elegant look is emphasized by four materials: white plaster, clinker brick, glass and aluminium.

Client: “DMI Investment” Ltd.
Functional program: Mixed-use building
Location: Varna, Bulgaria
Contractor: Marvic Build Ltd.
Build up area: 4,246.19 m2
Design year: 2016
Completion year: 2020
Photography: Diyan Stanchev

ArchDaily Building of the year | Nomination
IDA Design Awards | Honorable mention | Interior Design

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