Pchelina residential block is situated in the calm area of Pchelina in Varna. The building is located on the highest part of the plot to provide its inhabitants a vast panoramic view of the Gulf of Varna as well as the Varna Lake. The block consists of two adjacent units with highly emphasized rectangular plans. Both of them are developed in 5 storeys with 4 apartments each. All of them are facing South and have a stunning sea panorama. The flats on the ground floor have their own private yards, which are separated with a hedge. The design of the building continues the clean and simple shape in plan. It represents a parallelepiped, from which volumes with different depths are taken away rhythmically and by implementing color accents, we achieve a light, ephemeral and unobtrusive design. Pchelina appartment block is a wonderful example for of a low-budget residential building.

Client: Home Varna LLPc
Program: Residential building
Location: Varna, Bulgaria
Built-up Area: 3315 sqm
Project Year: 2017