Varna is the largest city both in Northeast Bulgaria and on the Black Sea coast. Its geographical location and the internal migration processes from smaller cities lead to urban sprawl where the north and south boundaries expand. The southern neighborhoods get connected to the urban center via Asparuhovo Bridge.

Pastelo Residential Complex is located in the southernmost district of Varna, known as Galata. Its most famous characteristic is the panoramic vista towards the city gulf and the Black Sea. The districts itself is a place of choice to citizens who would prefer peace and privacy while being close to nature.

The composition of the five residential buildings is optimal for achieving a panoramic view without covering one another. Each building is designed to be perceived as a cluster of three smaller urban villas, through façade separation and the first two levels offset from the outer plane. This brings light human scale feeling as well. Originally, ‘Pastelo’ was chosen as a name of the project due to the soft curves and vivid colors used in the design process, associated with sharpened kids’ crayons. Separated by colors, the buildings achieve individuality and better visual communication within the complex’s environment.

Each building has duplex apartments on the ground and first floor with separate entrances and individual courtyards which separate them from the commonly accessed spaces. Upper floors have different typologies of apartments where each building has total of 32 and the overall number of edifices inside the complex is 160.

The side of the lot facing the main road is almost completely occupied by a separate commercial building, purposed to serve all the needs of the inhabitants. Its geometry and orientation also serve as a separator between street noise and the inner life of the complex.

Client: Nеmuno Banga LTD
Program: Residential complex
Location: Varna, Bulgaria
Plot area: 15 348 sq.m
Built-up area: 19 425 sq.m
Design year: 2019
Completion year: In progress