The Greek mythology tells us the story of EOS – the goddess of the dawn. Every morning she rose to the horizon from the depths of the sea to bring the people the glare of the day. The building, named after the goddess, is situated on the first line in Chaika living district, having in front of it only the Sea Garden and Black Sea, ensuring the building receives sunlight first in the area.
We faced the challenge to design a building in a sophisticated triangle-shaped plot in Chaika living district, which was the datum for its shape in plan and its distinctive spatial-volume structure. Whiteness and horizontal distribution are typical for the buildings in this area and they completely match the studio’s manner of work. We have created an elegant and remarkable building which resembles a spread bird’s wing.
EOS has mainly residential program, the apartments are located from the fourth floor to the last, ninth floor. The ground level is intended for shops, the entrance foyer and the car lift for the two underground levels which serve as car parks. The second and third floors accommodate ateliers and offices. One staircase and two lifts provide the vertical communication.
Functionally we planned the apartments in a way which let all of the inner spaces to have orthogonal forms. Only the loggias facing East have triangle shapes. A construction challenge were the prestressed concrete balconies in the sharp part of the building, reaching up to 8 meters in length on the upper floors.
While designing EOS, we thought not only of aesthetics and functionality, but we ensured that the building will have long life. The façade materials are chosen to bring longevity, easy maintenance with low energy costs and high living comfort - aluminium windows, highly selective glazing, fiber cement ventilated façade.

Client: RID Ltd
Program: Mixed use
Location: Chaika district, Varna
Gross Area: 6 170 sqm.
Design year: 2019