The residential building DOMINO is located in the rapidly developing district of Varna, Briz. The property has a steep incline of 23 meters and an impressive view of the bay of Varna. The name DOMINO was inspired by the arrangement of the volumes like the tiles of the game on the one hand, on the other hand it is a reference to "DOM'' (home) as a unit for occupancy.
Because of the slope, both existing roads and the irregular shape of the property, the building is divided functionally into two blocks – a high vertically and a horizontally elongated volume. In the northern area of the property is located a high structure with 4 floors and with three large apartments on each floor. The property is very narrow in its southern end and therefore there will be five terraced houses, each with private access combined in one composition. Both structures are with a clean rectangular shape, this gives every home in the DOMINO building a south orientation with a panoramic view to the sea. The apartments in the high structure are with a size from 107 to 152 sqm and the separate houses - 77 to 107 sqm. The parking is provided by two zones for each of the structures, through parking lots and parking systems. All apartments are provided with two parking spaces.
The design of the building is minimalistic and free of unnecessary details, while the horizontal is strongly emphasized by the sequence of thick boards with offset terraces. The choice of HPL panels for the lining enhances the clean design and ensures durability of the facade.

Program: Residential building
Location: Varna, Briz
Site area: 1 333 sq.m
Build up area: 2 231 sq.m
Design Year: 2013