The commissioner’s program of “Constantine and Helena” Residential Complex consist of an ensemble of two contemporary buildings, aiming to provide tranquility and comfort typical for a suburban area close to the city of Varna. The complex is located in “St. Constantine and Helena” resort – one of the oldest and richly landscaped resorts, 500 meters away from the sea. Over the last few years, part of the territory of “St. Constantine and Helena” resort is recognized as an alternative place for a year-round living. Additionally, one can find a range of utilities, such as a school, children playgrounds, football court, outdoor and indoor mineral water pools. One of the most important conditions for the development of the complex is the presence of 7 mineral-water springs having no analogue in Europe. They are of the calcium-magnesium kind, with low level of mineralization and spring at a depth of 2,000 meters underground with a total flow rate of 175 l/sec.
The residential complex is situated in a quiet, mostly flat plot, with a minimum level change from the South-West towards the South-East. It is designed for permanent living in a calm area in close proximity to the city. It consists of two separate single-sectioned buildings with five above-ground levels named Block A and Block B. Each of the two buildings is entirely residential with four above-ground floors and one terraced top floor. Block A consists of 25 apartments, while Block B – of 28 apartments. All apartments have a favorable geographic exposition. The total number of the residences in the complex is 53, from which 25 are one-bedroom, 12 – two-bedroom, one – three-bedroom and 15 duplex apartments. One distinguishable feature of the project is that the first two levels of the buildings are set up as separate houses with independent entrances from the courtyard. The white strips on the facades outline the volume of the houses. Each apartment between the third and fifth level has a different size, according to the needs of the future inhabitants. The low density of built area eliminates the need for underground parking level and therefore is positioned on the periphery of the plot. That leaves enough space for courtyards, a garden and greenery. The design of the buildings follows their function, accentuating the façade’s different zones by using the white strips. The vertical elements made from aluminium frames with wooden decor give the buildings a final distinctive touch.

Project: “Constantine & Helena” Residential Complex
Location: “St. Constantine & Helena” Resort
Client and Contractor: Mig Market Ltd.
Architecture: STARH
Façade systems: Salamander – BluEvolution; Cortizo – Cor 70
Project year: 2018
Realization year: 2020
Plot area: 3,645 sq.m
Built-up area: 1,089 sq.m
GFA: 5,500 sq.m
Photography: Dian Stanchev

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