The residential complex is situated in a quiet plot in St. St. Constantine and Helena resort. It is planned for permanent occupation in a calm area near the city. The complex consists of two separate buildings with 5 floors each. Distinctive for the project is that the first two levels are designed to accommodate separate houses with their own entrances from the houses’ yards. The white stripes on the façade outline the contours of the houses. On the third, fourth and fifth floors there are apartments of different sizes, depending on the demands of the further clients. The low density development of the plot allowed us to avoid the design of underground levels. The parking places are spread along the boundary of the plot thus leaving plenty of space for courtyards, green areas and playgrounds. The design of the buildings follows their function, highlighting the different zones through the white stripes on the facades. The vertical shading elements from HPL with wood décor give the building a distinctive finishing touch.

Client: Mig Market Ltd
Program: Residential Complex
Location: Varna, St. St. Constantine and Helena
Site area: 3645 sqm.
Gross Area: 5500 sqm.
Design year: 2019