Casa Bella is a fully residential building, located on a green southern hill in the central part of city of Shumen.
Developed in a low structure of four levels, the concept of the project is creating a feeling of a single-family home or city villa surrounded by lots of greenery in a collective way of living. The context is quiet and peaceful that contributes to this feeling. All apartments are fully or partially southern and are overlooking towards the city and the Shumen Plateau.
The line of the building is minimalist and orthogonal with maximized glazing in order to have a better connection with nature. A dynamic design element are the tectonic displacements of balconies and canopies along the horizontal facades. The combination of durable materials and technologies makes the building a contemporary home.

Client: Domo Ltd.
Program: Residential building
Location: Shumen
Built-up area: 3,760 sqm
Design Year: 2022

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