BLOK 166 is a residential building situated in Varna, Vuzrajdane. It is placed in an urban environment of old traditional panel blocks. The client’s main desire was to have a building with a contemporary design, good function and affordable price.

The existing underground communications under the developed site were the quidelines when creating the floor plan layout. It is an eleven story building, designed in three sections, each of them with separate entrance and three apartments on each floor. All of the 87 apartments have a clear orthogonal form and a favorable view. Most of them consist of three rooms and a total area of 85 to 100 sq. m. each.

The car parking is located on the underground and the ground floor, thus opening more space around the building for recreational and leisure activities.

The silhouette of the building follows the orthogonal form of the layout. The dynamic feeling of the facade is achieved by switching the rhythm of the pixel-like balconies. All the air conditionings are hidden. All the used materials are conventional with the exception of the balconies designed with HPL with wood decor.

BLOK 166 is an excellent example for a contemporary residential building with elegant and fresh design, giving a new feeling to the existing old environment.

Client: BLD Homes
Program: Residential building
Location: Varna, Bulgaria
Built-up Area: 10 052 sq.m
Design Year: 2015