BeHome is a clean-cut residential building on a corner lot in Ovcha Kupel district in the city of Sofia. New Bulgarian University and a metro station are in the immediate vicinity, and the plot is located in a newly built infrastructure area.
The investor's program foresees creating a multi-family residential building with a distinctive look and quality living environment. For this reason, the studio has decided to embed a multi-layered concept. On one hand, the design of the facades makes a reference to a home through the white stripes on the first floor, resembling roof’s outlines. On the other hand, a group of simplified trees can be read, the combination of which describes in the best way the name of the building - BeHome.
In the foreground, the white stripes of ceramic slabs underline and frame the entire volume. In the background, the warmth of the clay-colored plaster and the wooden louvre boards give the feeling of home comfort. The vertical and horizontal grid completely opens up the solid volume for maximized glazing, where the home instead of a fortress becomes a window to the world.

Client: Prime Home Ltd.
Program: Residential Building
Location: Sofia, Bulgaria
Build up area: 2 706 sq.m
Design Year: 2023