B73 is a luxury residential building of the building-investment company Bigla III. It is located in one of the most attractive places in Sofia – 73 James Bourchier Blvd, giving the name of the building. The desire of the client was to create an innovative, memorable building, where design and function work simultaneously. The idea is to lay out a building with a lack of compromises in the quality of the used materials and technologies, a building which comes close to an automobile in terms of design and precision of its implementation.
B73 is located on a corner plot with a Northwest face to the street and Southeast – to the inner courtyard. Vertically there are six levels above ground and one underground level, with the first and last floors having double heights. All other floors are with heights bigger than normative – 340cm slab to slab. The underground level is meant to be a parking and is
served by a high-speed car lift. The ground floor is designed to be for retail spaces. All of the above storeys comprise only one 282-sq.m apartment. The plans provide for a spacious entry foyer which continues in a living room with area of 70sq.m facing three cardinal directions. The flats have three bedrooms, each with own wardrobe and bathroom. The optimal spaces and light inflow are leading when designing the apartments. There are only 5 flats in the building. The top floor flat has a living room with a double height of 640cm.
The vision of the building is with highlighted horizontal line which is discontinued in the moment of contact between the main floor slab and the landing of the stairs. This is the place where resonance is formed, turning the complex form into the most distinctive and impressive element of the building.

Client: Bigla III Ltd.
Program: Residential building
Location: Sofia, 73 James Bourchier blvd
Built-up area: 2 100 sq.m
Design Year: 2018