B73 is a residential building located in one of the central areas in Sofia, Bulgaria. The program of the client was to create an innovative and memorable building, having a design and function that are working together simultaneously. Additionally, it was meant to be a building that has no compromises when it comes to materials and quality in execution, similar to the automotive design process.

B73 is located at a corner lot facing a boulevard and an inner courtyard looking towards Vitosha Mountain. There are six levels above ground and one underground level which is a carpark, served by a high-speed car lift. Each residential floor above comprises of just a single 280 sqm apartment. Optimal spaces and light inflow are anchor starting points when designing the apartments, where the top floor one has a 6,4 meters high living room. All the rest have maximized height in order to achieve spacious areas. A light art installation 44.12 by Bocci is installed inside the double height lobby. It is specially created for this particular space and building, as well as being the only one in Eastern Europe. The ground floor areas are purposed for furniture design show room.

B73 is one of the few buildings in Bulgaria, that uses solid surface material and thermoforming technology for achieving complex three-dimensional shapes for such scale. The concept of the façade starts from something quite simple as a white surface. Then it has several strategically placed cuts and is smoothly stretched along the Z-axis. There is a moment of contact between the main floor slab and the stair’s landing where a discontinuation occurs that creates in a natural way the shape of a swallow bird. The final result is a complex form that is being transformed into the most distinctive element of the building.

Client: Bigla III Ltd.
Program: Residential building
Location: Sofia, 73 James Bourchier Blvd.
Built-up area: 2,100 sqm
Design Year: 2018
Completion year: 2021
Photography: Dian Stanchev

2022 ArchDaily Building of the year | Nomination
2021 IDA Design Awards | Honorable mention | Architecture
2021 Building of the year | Winner | Residential buildings
2021 Archello | Best of 2021
Architecture MasterPrize | Honorable mention | Residential Architecture - Multi Unit
Golden Trezzini Awards | Honorable mention | Residential buildings | Realization
BIG SEE Architecture Award | Winner | Residential Architecture

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