Asparuhovo Vista Park is an ensemble of residential buildings located on the Varna Lake bank in Asparuhovo District on a former industrial land.
The area provides a direct connection with nature and water for its residents, as well as elevated recreational qualities. Located on the border of the urbanized territory, AVP has stunning vistas towards 3 directions – towards the sea, the lake and Asparuhovo Bridge. The scale of the project is minimized with taking turns between high and low volumes, which gives the opportunity of people to experience different ways of inhabiting.
AVP is divided into two development stages where the first one consists of one free standing mid-rise building. Both stages are unified by a common unobtrusive architectural design that matches the context and brings a modern atmosphere into it at the same time. A wide park area spreads towards north part of the plot which has a valuable diversity of existing trees such as cypress, walnut, linden, cedar, plane, hornbeam, ash and mulberry. The main concept of the project and its masterplan develops around positioning the building, the underground parking, outdoor pool and playgrounds surrounding the trees in order to preserve them.

Client: Asparuhovo Vista Park
Program: Residential Complex
Location: Varna, Bulgaria
Built-up area AVP I: 11 243 sq.m
Built-up area AVP II: 31 167 sq.m
Design year AVP I: 2020
Design year AVP II: 2022
Photography: Dian Stanchev