The residential building is located on Hristo Maksimov Street, just right next to Geo Milev Park in the city of Sofia.
Investor’s program aims to gain maximum built up area taking into consideration the complex urban regulations that comes with the plot. The building’s volume is defined by those regulations without having the possibility of implementing design and morphology decisions. This results in fragmented volume, which we translated into our design concept and inspiration. The completely white façade surface works as a background of the dynamic play of balconies and windows. The balconies themselves then become the protagonist of the whole building, made up of wooden decorated panels and translucent glass handrail with various opacity.
The architectural concept is an attempt of managing the chaotic impression while saturating it until it reaches a balanced look.

Client: Infinity Property Ltd.
Program: Residential building
Location: Sofia, Bulgaria
Built-up area: 4 202 sqm
Project year: 2020