Aquahouse Thermal & Beach in the resort “St. St. Constantine and Helena” is a modern water facility serving as a thermal, beach, sports and SPA complex for year-round usage.
The architectural concept is pursuant to the general vision for development of the resort, which plans Mediterranean architecture with its distinctive atmosphere. This is main task when designing the complex – to achieve a calm and uneventful ambience, where architecture is an unobtrusive element of the environment, working with the elements of the landscape. Clean volumes and bright sand colors on the facades and roofs are intentionally used, acting as a natural connection between sea and greenery.
Foundation of functionality of the complex is the geothermal water, extracted from a natural source in the plot. This water is used for heating of the complex and water areas – low-temperature water underfloor heating installation is set across the whole structure.
There are 14 pools and water facilities in the network, divided hypothetically into different areas – water, children, thermal and wellness zones.
The irregular shape of the property helped achieving exciting spaces, each of them bringing its own special atmosphere. Successive entrance from one hall to another creates a feeling for transitioning from one topic to another, but always united by water and light. Folding windows unify the interior and exterior spaces. Practically, when all of the windows are open, the screen between inside and outside disappears and they act as a whole volume. A simple and clean line of the architecture and design is intended – natural, cozy feeling, whiteness and sustainability are leading when choosing the materials.
Materials used in the exterior: tiles from ABC Klinker, Reynaers CF77 folding windows façade system, 2cm wooden decking, Marazzi granite tiles for the whole exterior part of the complex, Baumit façade thermal insulation system. In the interior are used emperador and travertine mosaics, HPL linings, many element in the design made from Corian.

Client: “ St. St. Constantine and Helena holding” JSC
Program: Thermal & SPA complex
Location: resort “St. St. Constantine and Helena”
Built-up area: 7 100 sq.m
Design year: 2014
Completion year: 2017
Photography: Sergeev Studio

Mapei Reference Grand Prix Award 2018 - Winner in Tourism and Wellness category
Building of the year 2017 - Winner | Entertainment buildings

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