ALFA is a residential building in the city of Shumen, situated in a richly landscaped area near the Panayot Volov Stadium. Just nearby is another project of STARH. Together they form an ensemble of modern residential buildings with a high standard of living is being formed.

The concept of the project rests on the natural features of the area and the development that an urbanized area brings. The materials that the project integrates are high-quality facade granite tiles and prefabricated aluminum - presumably natural, but undergone technological processing, with the aim of improving their aesthetic and technical qualities and improving their durability over time.

ALFA is generated by two separate rectangular prisms, which, by shifting, bring dynamism to the otherwise calm horizontal structure. The volumes are highlighted by light stripes of granite tiles along the entire horizontal. In depth, the solid volume is lined with panels of aluminum with vertical tectonics, which give an additional sense of texture in relation to the different illumination of the day. The play of the sun and the cast shadow make the building with its own individual appearance at every moment.

Client: Alfahouse Invest Ltd.
Program: Residential building
Location: Shumen, Bulgaria
Build up area: 7 880 sq.m
Design Year: 2023