Residential building Accent is situated in Sofia, Geo Milev district. The main concept of the architectural design is to create a contemporary looking building which would act as a delicate accent in its surrounding environment.

The building has eight stories with an underground parking area. The ground floor is occupied entirely by shopping stores. The next seven floors are residential with 4 or 5 apartments. All of the 33 apartments in the building are designed with clean and functional floorplans with good geographic orientation.

The silhouette of the building has straight geometrical volume with rhythmical voids in this way creating colorful accents with the help of conventional materials.

Residential building Accent is a good example of a contemporary urban building combining in itself style and comfort together.

Client: “DMI Investment” Ltd.
Program: Residential building
Location: Sofia, Bulgaria
Built-up Area: 4 941 sq.m
Design year: 2016