Residential complex with terraced houses and underground parking “A Place To Call Home” is situated at the foothills of Vitosha mountain, Boyana neighborhood, 26 Dobri Bozhilov Street, Sofia. The complex consists of 34 terraced houses, grouped into 6 buildings, underground parking with 78 parking places and a richly landscaped outdoor space. Each housing is designed on three levels with its own independent vertical communication.
The complex lacks on-ground parking, aiming for maximizing the comfort level of living and resembling a park-like environment. Each house has a richly landscaped courtyard which is separated with a hedge and communicates directly with the living spaces through vast sliding windows.
The facades of the houses are clearly defined with vertical elements, emphasizing their rhythm. The sliding sun-shade devices create a constantly-dynamic façade.
Each house is oriented in a favorable geographic direction and has a view towards Vitosha mountain to the South and the city of Sofia to the North. The large areas, landscaped with tall vegetation, create a feeling of rural environment.
All of the used materials are of high quality and by premium manufacturers, in order to guarantee longevity, strength and a very high comfort level of living. The window frames are made from aluminium, with high thermal- and sound-insulation parameters. Each of the houses is sound-insulated from the rest. The sliding sun-shading devices can be manually controlled and positioned according to the inhabitants’ needs. The façade is processed with high quality plaster and thermal insulating materials.
Additionally, charging stations for electrical automobiles are provided in the underground parking.

Client: K Development Construction
Functional program: Residential Complex
Location: Sofia, Bulgaria
Plot area: 1749 sq.m
Built-up area: 5588 sq.m
Design year: 2020

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