The White House is situated in a picturesque property with an area of 15 acres close to а river, a forest and the sea near Burgas. The wish of the owners, an American couple , is to build a modern, high-quality and extravagant single- family building. The house is designed on two over ground and one underground floors. On the first level there is a garage for two cars, living room, kitchen and a dining room. All spaces are arranged around an inner atrium courtyard. On the same floor there is also a special place for film screenings, а fitness room, cigar smoking room, the bathrooms and storage rooms . The second level includes the owners’ bedroom with a private closet, a bathroom with a whirlpool, two guest bedrooms and an office for the owner.The two floors are linked together by an interior staircase and an atrium finishing with a skylight on the roof.
A request of the owners is the house to be designed around a courtyard, so that the full glazing remains at the core of the volume. Contrary to this, the external facades are protected by maximum solid elements while the glazing is linear and clear.
The simple and elegant building is designed with two materials, glass and fiber- cement panels, arranged in different sizes and shapes. Variation in the joints reinforces the art design of the facades and emphasizes a sense of aesthetics.

Program: single family house
Location: Bourgas, Bulgaria
Design year: 2013
Build up area: 685 sq.m