Situated in a fast-developing district between Loven Park and Vitosha Metro Station in Sofia, 18 Srebarna is emerging as a new residential building. The lot itself has complex urban planning regulations and restrictions. Volume wise, the specificity of the project comes out of that fact. To simplify this situation, a strict orthogonal grid is used for the visual and functional concept.
Main motif of the exterior design is a frame from white limestone by Limra manufacturer. The square geometry brings a certain order in the dynamic volume. According to the geographic orientation, the grid ratio of the façade changes, as well as the materials that are being used on the background – glass and aluminium. The same logic is applied also to the inner spaces. The choice of materials and toning of the building is guided by the given context and its specificity. What is dominating the surroundings is a future project for an office building about to be built just across the street.
Despite the biggest challenge of this project, which are the complex urban parameters and their limitations, there are no compromises being allowed with function and design.
There are two underground floors and with overground, the last one of which is terraced. Ground floor is for public spaces and services only. The rest of the floors contain total of 30 apartments with clean panning and good orientation. Underground levels are parking only and are accessible by a covered ramp.
The high-quality materials that are used in the exterior aim achieving a good standard of living with minimal maintenance expenses in time.

Client: Art E Stroy Ltd.
Program type: Residential building
Location: Sofia, Bulgaria
Built-up area: 6 580 sqm
Project year: 2020