Varna Park is a close type urban residential complex situated in a 13 352sq.m plot. It consist of 8 blocks with optimal dimensions which are designed to be small boutique buildings forming an architectural ensemble. This allows each of the residential units to have private parking area and a landscaped common garden infused in the entire complex. All apartments have a favorable view. . The design of the housing unit is inspired by ‘fruit’, whose ‘bark’ was ‘bitten’ and in the withdrawn forms are formed loggias, designed in some other material, like the core of the fruit. Seemingly ‘random’ withdrawal from the general volume, moves the monotony of repetitive floors and creates a unique image from a different perspective angles. An elegant contemporary design is achieved, highlighted with accessible materials and easy to implement forms. There is a fresh and elegant design with the help of the rounded edges of the volumes and the white color of the buildings. Softening volumes in contact zones with other buildings creates light and cozy space without unnecessary aggression, suitable for living environment. The white color absorbs light and creates an optical illusion of larger spaces between the buildings.

Client: Varna City Park Ltd.
Program: Residential complex
Location: Varna
Site area: 13 351sq.m
Built up area: 28 421 sq.m
Design year: 2013
Completion year: 2016
Photography: 3inSpirit

Facade Of The Year Baumit 2016 – first prize
2016 Building of the year | Nomination | Residential Complex
2013 Architectural competition for a Residential complex, Varna | Winner