Forest Mansion is not just a house in the woods. It’s a metaphor, reflection and supplementation of the virgin forest where is situated.

The edifice, situated in the suburban area of Silistra, was built in 1989 and was meant to be a forest restaurant. It was never working as a restaurant and was looted in the early ‘90s.

On area of about 2000 square meters, Forest Mansion incorporates three separate apartments, living room and bedroom for the owners, several guest rooms, SPA with indoor pool and party area. Function complies fully with the complex radial axis plan of the existing building and the needs of the new owners. The entire roof is greened, and materials embedded in the house are a result of thorough aesthetic and functional analysis of the architect.

Original and organic materials are embedded in the house. The limestone is mined near the mansion, the graphic stone schists complement and add contrast to the volumes. Patinated steel combined with fair faced concrete and glass highlights the avant-garde of the Forest Mansion.

The glass curtain wall in front of the living area and the party zone are kind of a screen for the surrounding forest. The metal sections are the stems of the trees and the boards are the crowns.
Forest Mansion is not just a house in the woods, it is an idea and a way of life.

Program: Residential
Location: Bulgaria, Silistra
Design year: 2012
Build up area: 2000sq.m