We were inspired to create the architectural concept of a dynamic and exciting building, a building that will shine like a crystal with its sophisticated forms. We turned to Nature to look for the perfect form, because only Nature could create such pure and fine forms, moulded in crystals for thousands of years.
To expose this natural shape we decided to “rind“ the urban shell and with simple moves create the sophisticated form, resembling an earth crystal. And that is how the URBAN CRYSTAL concept was born.
Situated within the Manhattanville Neighbourhood on approximately 9 decares, URBAN CRYSTAL aims to revive the аrеа, dominated by old and poorly maintained industrial buildings. The plot is a one-block area bounded by 12th Avenue to the west, West 130th Street to the north, Broadway to the east, and West 125th/ West 129th Street to the south.

URBAN CRYSTAL is a 158m tall skyscraper offering several functions – a hotel, offices, a retail and entertainment area, a restaurant, an outdoor park and a SKY garden.
In the blade of the URBAN CRYSTAL, from 120 to 150 meters, we designed an open gallery space – the SKY garden. Apart from its exclusive space for recreation with extensive landscaping, the fully glazed facades provide visitors with a broad view over the Hudson River and the skyline, imparting unique exquisiteness to both the SKY garden and the URBAN CRYSTAL.

Program: SuperSkyScraper
Program: Mixed use sky scraper
Location: New York, USA
Design year: 2012
2012 SuperSkyScraper Competition, New York | Special Mention Award | 5th place