The property designated for the building is located between three streets and meters from the Shishkova Garden and the pedestrian centre of Varna, in a quiet area without car traffic. 100 meters from the Sea Garden, the exclusive location and the original architecture make the project unique in the sea capital.

It is designed to bring a complete sense of organicity - from the concept and design line, through its symbiosis with rich vegetation to the porous structure of white exposed concrete. Gabata is one of the few buildings in contemporary construction era in Bulgaria, whose visible part of the facades is made entirely of white exposed concrete. The exceptional richness of this material together with its timelessness is complemented in a moving way with the soft lines and lightness of the glass. The greenery of decorative trees along the facade adds a sense of life and puts the finishing touches on the architectural work.

The mixed-use building has twelve floors and each floor has a 360-degree terrace and panoramic view along the entire periphery. Simple horizontal lines unite the irregular trapezoidal shape in plan, resulting from the shape of the plot. On the first three floors, which are an aparthotel, there are green strips of decorative grass. The landscaping of the building continues in height on the floors, where there are rhythmically located Ilex Aquifolium Siberia trees and which take away parts of the terraces around them. This is where the porous structure of the concrete feeling comes from. Moreover, this subtraction of the terraces functionally divides the apartments on each floor and provides space of tree growth. The large glazing adds optimal lighting and allows the occupants to enjoy the beautiful views of the sea and the city.

Client: SVP Invest
Program: Mixed use
Location: Varna, Bulgaria
Built-up area: 10 938 sqm
Design year: 2019

2023 Arch Design Award | Gold Winner | Architecture
2023 Architecture MasterPrize | Honorable Mention | Conceptual Architecture