Festa Tower is a project for a 72-metre high mixed use building. It is located near the trade centre Pfohe Mall. The residential part of the building is found in the two higher bodies and the administrative part is disposed in the lower parts of the building. It has been designed to be built on the site of a former rehabilitation centre, which is directly supplied with water from a deep mineral spring. The former function of the building is preserved and even expanded in the new one. Along with a huge spa centre with a swimming pool, a trade centre and offices have been designed. The architecture is organic. The plasticization of the facades with their distinct rhythms avoids any sense of monotony in this high building.

Client: Festa Holding
Program: Mixed Use
Location: Bulgaria, Varna
Site area: 9 523 sq.m
Built area: 2 878 sq.m/built up area
44 183 sq.m/spread built up area
Design year: 2006
Completion year: Not specified

We from architectural studio STARH Stanislavov architects create modern and contemporary architectural designs for houses, which is a challenge for our architects in Varna.