The building is situated in the central part of the town in the immediate proximity of The Town Hall. The office building is located on the site of an existing historical building of cultural significance. The fa?ades have been completely retrofitted and restored. The building consists of four storeys. A large trade centre is located on the ground floor. The first, second and third floors are occupied by offices. There is an apartment on the fourth floor used by the owners of the building. The new part of the structure is of a lateral form and emerges above the existing building. It has been designed as a flat glass plane which acts as a background to the original building. Sunblocking louvres cover the glass groove connecting the old and the new building. The top storey rises to a point, which is a reference to the cornice of the original facade. The time-tested details are made of natural rock crafted with great accuracy. These time- honoured details are combined with contemporary materials to ensure the stylish appearance of the building and confirm its status as a historic building.

Client: Manasiev
Program: Office Center
Location: Bulgaria, Varna, “27th July” Str.
Site area: 218 sq.m
Built area: 205 sq.m/built up area
1 005 sq.m/spread built up area
Design year: 2003
Completion year: 2004