Law Courts building is located in the central part of Varna. Bulgarian Ministry of Justice has selected the plot, which is located in an area with well-developed public services. The building has been designed following the guidelines for a detailed functional assignment prepared by the Ministry of Justice. The urban parameters of the particular building site have been followed too. The Law Courts building has three underground floors and eleven above ground floors. Underground car parks and large premises for the archive are situated on the subterranean storeys. The ground floor concentrates the main stream of citizens and magistrates. The second, third and fourth floors are designed for the busiest courts. The courts and prosecution offices are situated on the next six floors with an access only for the staff.
The building is high. It has a clean silhouette without any details and suitable for distance perception. The position of the building towards the street network allows its acceptance from an angle, which further emphasizes its plastic image. In the treatment of the facades, a particular symbol has been sought in association with the strict impartiality and fairness of the judicial process.

Client: Ministry of Justice, Bulgaria
Program: Public Building
Location: Bulgaria, Varna
Site area: 6 403 sq.m
Built area: 4 161.5 sq.m/built up area
41 786.64 sq.m/spread built up area
Design year: 2008
Construction start: 2009
Completion year: Not specified

2010 International Property Awards | Architecture Award | Public Buildings