The purpose of the architectural project is to observe and visualize the potential of the property where is situated the Medical University of Varna. The need for new functional areas and aesthetic norms missing in the current building designed and built not for medical school at the heart of this search. The building of the Medical University of Varna is situated in an urban residential area in a square between Tsar Asen Str., General Gurko Str., Marin Drinov Str. And Ivan Aksakov Str. in the vicinity to a park area.
The territory building potential is consistent with the Master plan of the town and building standards allowing for upgrading the existing building with one floor - a total of 5 floors and the same for the new construction.
There are no functional changes in the old volume except of the new sector for Faculty of Public Health, practice halls and library, situated on the new 5th floor.
Aula Maxima with a capacity of 500 seats, second hall for 240 seats, 3 new auditoriums with 200 seats each and reception area are planned in the central oval volume called 'The Brain'.
Social areas for meetings, rest &snack and virtual library are designed on the last floor of 'The Brain'.
A 4 storeys parking lot for 206 parking units and 2 floors for sport activities are designed in the new volume south west the ‘The Brain’. On the sport floors there is a multipurpose hall for tennis, volleyball, basketball, two halls of 150sq.m, a gym, an aerobics hall and a swimming pool.
The visual structure of the existing building has a strict orthogonal form. We preserve this form corresponding to the severity of the institution, but develop further with exciting amorphous structure in the new part, intending to that provoke the imagination and enrich the environment.
The facade of the old building is designed with Double Skin system which achieve low coefficients of thermal transmittance and air permeability and create low-energy building.
The dynamics of the composition is enhanced not only by vertical and horizontal façade dividing but also by the shape of the bridge connecting the new volumes. Façade cladding, designed in white and blue glass is absorbs and softens the surrounding area.

Client: Medical University Varna
Program: university
Location: Varna, Bulgaria
Design year: 2013
Build up area: 29 661 sq.m