Discovery is a multi- functional building located in one of the biggest residential districts of the town of Varna. The complex consists of two bodies. The highest one has nineteen levels and is intended to be used as dwellings and offices. The lower one has four storeys and is designed for commercial purposes. There are two subterranean levels intended mainly for parking. The clear design of the two distinct elements is not intended as an end in itself. The distinct geometrical shapes have been dictated by the clear functional plan. The vertical, highly elongated residential body and the stubby flatwise body of the commercial part achieve balance in the composition. The sharp-pointed edges of the the higher body underline its slender and graceful silhouette. The use of contemporary materials such as glass and aluminium construction panels in two different colours give a modern and up-to-date appearance to the complex.

Client: Express Garantion
Program: Mixed Use
Location: Bulgaria, Varna, “Vuzrazhdane” District
Site area: 5 000 sq.m
Built area: 1 952 sq.m/built up area
26 662 sq.m/spread built up area
Design year: 2008
Completion year: Not specified