Evergreen is a residential building with modern and elegant architecture and distinctive geometric classical details.The horizontal line of the second and the third floor together with the HPL elements of the façade decrease the overall visual height of the building. The rhythmic order of loggias and solids creates a feeling of personal space. The terrace floors with their rich evergreen hedge terraces give a sense of comfort and clean look.
Residential building Evergreen is situated in Varna, district “Briz”. It is located in one of the best and quiet areas in the city. In a 3 598 sq.m plot and a total build up area of 10 193 sq. m. the building consists of three above ground and two top terrace floors.

Evergreen is a project which offers high quality living spaces. Every detail of the building is carefully designed and constructed with the highest up-to-date technology. The building is separated into four sections with a common underground parking. The plot is surrounded by an evergreen hedge which gives the feeling of tranquility and comfort.
The inner yard has rich greenery with evergreen decorative tree species. Walking alleys are designed with minimal slope and without any steps providing comfortable access to the green common spaces. Water takes major part in the landscape of the project. There is a water fountain in the central of the yard and an open swimming pool at the south part.
Every apartment at the ground floor has its own green yard and the apartments above have nice green terraces with a beautiful view to the Black Sea.

Client: “Adva-ES” Ltd
Program: Residential building
Location: Varna, Briz
Site area: 3 598 sq.m
Built-up Area: 10 193 sq.m
Design year: 2013
Completion year: 2016
Photography: 3inSpirit

2016 Building of the year | Nomination | Residential Building
Winner in architectural competition for Residential building Evergreen, Varna, 2013, Client: “ADVA-ES” Ltd.
Bronze sculpture “ Zlaten Otves” 2015 for best realization of residential building “Evergreen”.

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