This detached house is situated in a place called “Akchelar” near the town of Varna. It is built on top of a hill and has a panoramic view of the whole town through an angle of 180 degrees. The building is designed with three floors. It faces south and its rear part is semi-subterranean. A study, summer kitchen and other premises are situated in this basement area. The main entrance facing north is at ground level. The day zone is found on that level and the night zone on the next floor where one can find three bedrooms equipped with en-suite bathrooms. The architecture of the building is of a minimalist design. One distinctive element is the curved dual-level roof.

Client: Private
Program: Single Family House
Location: Bulgaria, Varna, “Akchelar” region
Site area: 849 sq.m
Built up area: 573 sq.m
Design year: 2009
Completion year: 2010
Photography: 3inSpirit

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