There are 5 different types of houses with distinctive geometric shape, designed in the series.
The Line House
The Triangle House
The Square House
The Rectangle House
The Arch House
The houses are designed for construction in Belgium, France, Luxembourg and the Netherlands and meet all European standards of living.

The Arch house is the largest of the series "Geometry". On an area of 383 square meters there are two floors and a partial third in the highest part of the house. On the first level there is a living room - 80sqm, entrance hall with an atrium and a garage for two cars. The second level is for the night area and provides a bedroom with a closet and a bathroom, two children's bedrooms and a guest apartment with a living room at the third floor. The soft line of the arch in the plan, also repeated in the volume of the roof, creates an elegant dynamic and reinforces the feeling of uniqueness.

Client: Maxconsult group ltd
Program: Single family house
Location: Belgium, France, Luxembourg and the Netherlands
Design Year: 2013
Build up area: 383 sq.m

Architecture and design of single-family houses and buildings - our mission for a beautiful architecture in Varna.